Hammer & Breakers

APT hammers and breakers combine flexibility with hard-hitting power. The MH 11 pick hammer is designed for horizontal work in renovation, demolition, and structural alterations, while the MH 55 (medium-weight) and MH 70 (heavy-duty) multipurpose breakers are ideal for road building and maintenance on asphalt, brickwork, frozen soil, or concrete.


Important: At delivery, MH 11 is factory set to 5 gpm (EHTMA C). They can not be adjusted to a higher flow. MH 55/MH 55A and MH 70/MH 70A are supplied factory set to 8 gpm (EHTMA D). There is a plastic bag in the package with a label and restrictor nipple that should be mounted on the tank line (T) if there is a need for the breaker to be set to 5 gpm. The size of the orifice is stamped on the nipple.